Asset Management Services

In partnership with our affiliates, we offer clients bespoke asset management services where the day-to-day decision is handled by our portfolio managers. Our portfolio managers will take into consideration the clients’ return objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, time horizon and their financial goals.  They have the discretion to make asset allocation and invest into funds and securities on the clients’ behalf.


Our investment process consists of global macro and market research, asset allocation, funds selection, security selection, portfolio construction and risk management.

Private Wealth Services

We offer our clients uniquely seamless and joined-up services ranging from Family Governance, Philanthropy, Asset Protection, Legacy Planning, Foundations, and Setup Family Office and Support.

Family Governance & Philanthropy:

  • Family constitution
  • Next generation training
  • Setting up of charitable foundations

Asset Protection / Legacy Planning:

  • Trust set up and succession planning
  • Tax advice

Setup Family Offices for Clients in Singapore

  • Setting up of new family office
  • KYC and bank account opening
  • Consolidated record keeping
  • Medical concierge